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How long will my manufactured home last?
A recent study by the University of Georgia has found that the life expectancy of a manufactured home is 55.6 years. Since manufactured housing uses the same materials as site-built housing, life expectancy will be a function of owner maintenance.

What about tornados or high winds?
A direct hit by a tornado will destroy virtually any structure, including a manufactured home. The use of hurricane tie-down straps (included with every Home-Mart sale) dramatically increases the stability of the home. For more information, click here.

Are Manufactured Homes more vulnerable to fire?
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How well insulated are manufactured homes?
As a result of a high degree of precision construction, manufactured homes from Home-Mart are considerably more "air-tight" than site-built homes, naturally making manufactured homes extremely energy efficient. Manufactured homes use the same materials to insulate as site-built homes. Most homes can be ordered with optional 2X6 sidewalls which increase the sidewall insulation to R-19.

Can I save money on my taxes by purchasing a manufactured home?
Yes. When you purchase a Home-Mart manufactured home, all of your interest is tax-deductible. As a result, you can increase the number of withholdings claimed on your W-4 immediately after purchasing your new home.

Do manufactured homes depreciate?
Home-Mart manufactured homes, integrated with land, will increase in value at the same rate as site-built homes. Studies done by Foremost Insurance Company have established that when using national averages, manufactured homes have enjoyed appreciation at the rate of approximately 2% per year. For more information, click here.

Can I get total electric?
Homes can be built total electric or be equipped for natural gas or propane.

Is land available?
We have contact with developers around the Tulsa area. You can obtain extensive information on land and parks from our computerized Site-Search database. Some developers will even front the money to improve the land and still sell it for a very low down payment.

What type of financing is available?
At Home-Mart, homes can be financed for up to thirty years. Interest rates vary, but upon loan approval can be locked in for 30 days. The rates are fixed for the term of the loan. Obviously, the lending commmunity has confidence in the construction standards established by the manufactured housing industry. We offer both home and land-home financing. With the appropriate land equity, zero down is available.

How is a Modular home different than a Manufactured home?
By housing industry definition, a manufactured home has been built in a factory and is built to the H.U.D. code. It may be built in one or more sections and must be built on a nonremovable frame. A modular home is built to any one of several copyrighted building codes that municipalities then may adopt as, or in addition to, their building code for stick-built homes. Its frame may be removable or non removable.

Why are builder-developers using manufactured homes?
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What are FICO scores?
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What is the HUD Code?
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