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Mission Statement
To achieve customer satisfaction by selling enhanced value homes in a comfortable shopping atmosphere.

A Better Way to Buy a Home
At Home-Mart, We believe home buying should be easy...
  • Browse our inviting display of decorated model homes.
    Most are lighted and equipped with porch entry.
  • Use our location map to easily identify each clearly numbered model.
  • Conveniently access our model homes, all unlocked with prices clearly posted.
    Unlocked houses establish a "customer-friendly" shopping environment.
    Posted prices eliminate guesswork.
  • Allow a member of our nationally certified sales staff to analyze your housing needs.
    All Home-Mart sales personnel are required to successfully complete the official training and certification process needed to receive the Manufactured Housing Institute's designation of Professional Housing Consultant (PHC).
  • Select the floor plan that works for you with our computerized Home-Search database.
    Hundreds of floor plans are available.
    Search is conducted on the parameters that are important to you: Square footage, number of bedrooms, baths, living areas, etc.
  • Obtain extensive information on land and parks from our computerized Site-Search database.
  • Simplify your loan approval process with our on-site finance department.
  • Receive Home-Mart's Home Enhancement Package on each home offered.
    Enjoy the benefits of the enhanced features that Home-Mart requires of each of its manufacturers. These features typically include: larger capacity water heaters, maximum Northern insulation capacity, water cut-offs and many more.

The Home-Mart Commitment
At Home-Mart, because we believe your home should be a lasting investment...

  • We require each of our factories to conduct a thorough inspection of every home prior to its shipment from the manufacturing center.
  • We inspect every home with a thorough checklist when it arrives from the factory.
  • We conduct a pre-delivery site inspection to determine routing, site accessibility, specific location and soil density.
  • We conduct a comprehensive "walk-through" inspection with every installation crew prior to the completion of the set up.
    A 73-point checklist is utilized to examine virtually every aspect of the home.
  • We select homes to sell that are built to last:
    Each home has a five year structural warranty in addition to the limited one-year warranty offered by our competition.
    The following components, when included as part of your specifications, offer even more extensive protection:
    Ten year warranty on NovaDeck flooring
    Twenty year composition shingles
    Lifetime warranty on vinyl siding.
    (Individual warranties are available in the sales office for your inspection.)
  • We provide a toll-free number for convenient access to our Customer Care Manager.

Description of Retail Center:

Home-Mart, Inc. opened in October of 1988 and is the premier customer traffic sales center for manufactured housing in the four state area that includes Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. Approximately 40 homes are on display.

Home-Mart, Inc. was opened to provide customers an opportunity to shop in a non-threatening atmosphere in an industry dominated by high pressure sales techniques. A long history of open doors and posted prices has firmly established the company with the reputation of being the preeminent "customer friendly" place to shop. This past year Home-Mart obtained national trade-mark protection for the phrase, "Open doors, posted prices, shop with ease at Home-Mart!"TM

Marketing Activities:

Strong recognition of the Home-Mart brand and sales center location has been achieved as a result of a twelve year, million dollar plus, multi-pronged marketing approach that has employed television, infomercials, radio, display ads, billboards, yellow pages, special events, on-site broadcasts,interactive internet web site and direct mail marketing. Once inside the sales center, the display models are lighted, furnished, decorated and skirted. Decks are used to enhance appearance and facilitate entry.

An exclusive indoor, main entrance display position at the Tulsa State Fair (one of the five largest in the country) has been enjoyed for twelve consecutive years. Approximately 150,000 fair attendees go through the model home each year. Thus far, due to space limitations, Home-Mart has been the only manufactured housing retailer participating in the fair during those twelve years.

Management Philosophies and Goals:

Our people are our greatest asset. Turnover is low with many staff members having been with the company for five to ten years. Some competitors are experiencing 300% annual turnover. The low turnover has permitted the ongoing sales training to serve more as an investment than an expense.

While all of our competitors are open seven days a week and generally only provide one day a week off for their sales staff, home-Mart, Inc. has never been open on Sunday, which facilitates the ability to provide the sales staff with two days off per week. This policy contributes to the ability to reduce turnover.

Each customer location is visited by a professional site inspector with a soil test being performed when needed. A written report of the site work required is given to the customer and the installation crew. All installation crews have successfully completed professional industry approved installation courses.

Three Overall Goals Permeate the Organization:

  • The desire to have satisfied customers.
  • The desire to provide homes that provide more value than our competition for our customers.
  • The desire to provide a non-threatening shopping atmosphere for our customers.

These three goals were then drafted into the language that composed our mission statement. The resulting mission statement succinctly states our management philosophy...

"to achieve customer satisfaction, by selling enhanced value homes, in a comfortable shopping atmosphere."

Open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
We value our family time as you do. For that reason, we are closed on Sunday.

Home-Mart - info@homemart.us - 9516 E. Admiral Place - Tulsa, OK 74115
918-835-0500 - 800-364-4663
Home-Mart - info@homemart.us - 9516 E. Admiral Place - Tulsa, OK 74115
918-835-0500 - 800-364-4663
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